biofuels explained

A biofuel is a form of fuel that is produced from renewable organic materials, such as sugar crops, oil seed crops, and animal fats. They are considered to be potential substitutes for carbon-based fuels, i.e. extremely old, biofuels. There are two varieties: plant-based and animal-based. The plant-based products are fermented sugars which create the fuels like … Continue reading biofuels explained

smart electric grids

The current electric system in the United States is very inefficient due to congestion in the transmission lines. In turn, electricity is wasted and higher costs are passed onto consumers. A viable solution for this issue is creating a national electric grid.  This new grid is known as a Smart Grid.  Smart Grids allow for … Continue reading smart electric grids

question: why is the world still so dependent on fossil fuels?

There is no doubt about it - fossil fuels still reign supreme. Industry and consumers are still slaves to this non-renewable resource despite the fact that it pollutes our environment and results in an inequitable distribution of wealth that is concentrated in the hands of a select group of people not necessarily concerned with the … Continue reading question: why is the world still so dependent on fossil fuels?