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We’re not sure about you, but here at EcosystemsUnited.com, we strongly believe that everything in this wondrous world we live in is connected. We also believe that some of the most important things in life are our food, health, and environment.

Without these things, it is very hard to enjoy a high quality of life because they provide the foundation for our comfort and happiness.

Building on these beliefs, we craft straightforward content that breaks down complex topics into smaller, easy-to-understand posts that can be combined to provide an in-depth understanding of a given theme.

We focus on three major categories:

1. Our Environment

There is no denying that clean and healthy air, water, and soil is key to our success as a species and the longevity of our flora and fauna world companions. At present, efforts are underway to preserve and protect these valuable resources. Content at EcosystemsUnited.com aims to describe, share and disseminate information about these advancements, adaptations, and innovations. We also strive to provide and overview of important issues – like industrial agriculture and eutrophication – that impact the health of our environment.

2. Our Food

As a society, we have lost our connection with our food systems and it is affecting our health, economy, and environment. Accordingly, our content aims to provide a general overview of what is going with our food and to describe both the changes that have evolved throughout the past century and the many opportunities for future trajectories.

3. Our Health

We all want to be thankful that we have our health, but there is a lot of conflicting information and inflammatory claims that make the path to wellness difficult. To combat the confusion, we highlight current issues within the system, describe various healthcare perspectives, and detail options for holistic approaches to health.

From time to time, you will also find content related to economics because like we said, everything is connected and the economy readily affects our relationship with our food, health, and environment.

We also like to answer questions. If you happen to have one, contact us anytime. We love feedback and to know what topics are on your mind.

So, whether you’re a farmer, gardener, nature-lover, food eater, environmentalist, health junkie, or simply someone looking for a no-frills source of information, EcosystemsUnited has something for you.  


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Our Promise

In this crazy beautiful world that we live in, it’s hard to make sense of what’s fact and fiction and just what agenda is being pushed. 

At EcosystemsUnited.com, we too have an agenda. However, unlike many others, we want you to know our intentions. Simply put, our objective is to share information to help people make informed decisions. After all, knowledge is power and we the people need to demonstrate our power to grow, adapt, and excel as stewards of our land and communities. 

Still, we all have our unique fields of experience and opinions which can influence our tone, topic choice, and perspectives but we pledge to do our best to report both sides of the story and help to show how everything in the world is connected.

As we see it, this is especially important right now because there is push towards always having to be right, forgetting about how our actions affect others, and looking only at the right now instead of yesterday, today, and tomorrow. 

To support our efforts, we promise you, the reader, community member, gardener, farmer, business owner, teacher, mother, father, reader, writer, world traveler, friend, colleague, dog walker, neighbor, and friend that our content is:

  • Supported by reliable, verifiable sources
  • Designed to provide straight-forward, easy-to-understand information about topics related to food, health, and the environment
  • Respectful of the social and cultural backgrounds inherent to a diverse audience

We’re thankful for your visit and hope that you learn something while you’re here, and come back soon to check out our newest content. 

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