the historical development of organic farming

Organic agriculture, which can be understood as a method of farming and gardening that relies on natural systems and products and is free of virtually all synthetic and toxic chemicals, fertilizers and pesticides and a holistic, sustainable production management system that promotes and enhances biological cycles and soil biological activity, has a long and interesting … Continue reading the historical development of organic farming

question: what does organic really mean?

The word organic is popping up everywhere. Organic milk, strawberries, and tomatoes. Organic cotton and organic pet food. These items are undoubtedly more expensive than their conventional counterparts and they are often stigmatized as being yuppie products or just another marketing scheme. Organic products have also been recognized as being healthier and more environmentally-friendly. But … Continue reading question: what does organic really mean?

sustainable agriculture defined and discussed

Sustainable agriculture has become increasingly supported by citizens and farmers alike. According to the United States’ 1990 Farm Bill, for agriculture to be sustainable agriculture it meets the following requirements: The production must satisfy the human need for food and fibers. The environmental quality and natural resource base that the agricultural economy depends upon must … Continue reading sustainable agriculture defined and discussed