Book/Literature Reviews

Air Pollution by Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations

Author(s): Patel, P. & Centner, T.J.

This article provides a justification for the regulation of concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFOS).

Bringing Good Food to Others

Author(s):  Guthman, J.

This article discusses the issues associated with the ‘noble’ intentions of bringing alternative food sources into non-white, economically-challenged neighborhoods.

Cry of the Kalahari

Author(s):  Owens, M. & Owens, D.

This book is a firsthand account of Mark and Delia Owens’ quest into the unknown wilderness of Botswana’s Deception Valley.

Everything I Want to Do Is Illegal

Author(s):  Salatin, J.

Everything I Want to Do Is Illegal is a satirical, yet very serious first-hand account of how government regulations affect small-scale farmers.

Factory Farming and Human Health

Author(s): O’Brien, Adock, T., Rifkin, J. & Pickard, B.M.

This article examines the effects of factory farming on human health in order to make highlight the negative externalities associated with large-scale farming.

Kill-it-and-eat-it Locavores Give Cities Indigestion

Author(s):  Armour, S.

This article describes how urban farmers who chose to slaughter their own meat are facing new regulations and even bans on home butchering.

Review and Analysis of the Benefits, Purposes and Motivations Associated with Community Gardens in the United States

Author(s):  Draper, C., & Freedman, D.

The benefits, purposes and motivations related to community gardens in the United Sates are explored in this article.

The Influence of Social Involvement, Neighborhood Aesthetics, and Community Garden Participation on Fruit and Vegetable Consumption

Author(s):  Litt, J. S., et al.

The objective of this article was to examine the relationship between the fruit and vegetable consumption by urban adults and several selected social and psychological processes, beneficial aesthetic experiences and community garden participation.

The Social Basis of Agro-Environmental Concern: Physical Versus Social Proximity

Author(s): Sharp, J., & Adua, L.

This article attempts to answer the questions, “Is environmental concern widely diffused throughout society or is it more strongly expressed by particular sub-populations? How has concern changed over time?”

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