question: what are the causes of air pollution in china? how serious is this problem, and how does it impact other countries?

There are a variety of reasons for air pollution in China. Demand for cheap goods throughout the world prompt huge manufacturing efforts that are poorly regulated. A lack of enforceable energy and environmental standards enable production systems to exploit resources with few or no repercussions. An expanding middle class is also contributing to the increases in demand for transportation and electricity. Both produce a significant amount of air pollution, especially since electricity supplies in China are primarily dependent on some of the dirtiest sources of energy like coal.

Such a problem is incredibly serious. Citizens are subjected to terrible environmental conditions that are likely to cause various health ailments. The pollution also travels to the United States which contributes to already poor environmental conditions. For example, in California residents are subjected to at least one additional day of air conditions that exceed the federal limits for air pollution because of the influx of nitrogen oxides and carbon monoxide emitted by China and on other days at least one-quarter of sulfate pollution on the west cause is a result of exported goods from China. China also produces black carbon which is a known cause of asthma, emphysema, heart and lung disease, and various cancers. This type of pollution is not removed from the environment with rain.

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