environmental education

Good Environmental Education

Environmental Mis-Education

Interdisciplinary in nature which allows for a variety of perspectives to be presented which provides those being educated with a well-rounded knowledge base

Based on emotion or opinion facts are needed to support the information being presented.

Based on facts because presenting information that is based on opinion is not necessarily accurate. By providing evidence, the education becomes more legitimate, especially when results are reproducible.

Used as a tool for social or economic manipulation – education should be about teaching, not furthering the interests of a specific group with the funds to establish a school.

Interactive when possible because this allows those being educated to have hands-on experience. This is beneficial because putting ideas and concepts into action is much different than learning about it from a book or a controlled lab setting.

Profit driven – the ultimate goal of any education should be the sharing or knowledge and information, not lining the pockets of the administrators.

Dynamic – the world is constantly changing therefore the information being presented by educators should do the same in order to keep students up to date and the learning materials relevant.

Overtly critical or other belief systems – shaming and putting down the ideas of others only creates conflict. Education should be conducive to growth and other positive improvements. Furthermore, harsh criticism alienates those with divergent values.

Positive, proactive, and empowering in order to keep students engaged and interested and provide them with the tools to apply their knowledge to their everyday or professional lives.

 One dimensional – lacks information about current problems, potential solutions, and focuses solely on one aspect of a topic.

Inclusive – people from all backgrounds should be included in order to assimilate various cultural beliefs and to adapt information to the various needs of different demographics.


A means to maintain accountability must be established in order to hold the educators responsible for that which they are teaching students. This can be coupled with the establishment of goals and a means for evaluation.


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